Map – How to create a clickable for your website

Create a clickable – Create clickable Typos are quite common to the web world. Pat Flynn, who is known for, for instance, the smart passive income blog has created a website named The only difference to this site is a simple “a” to Pat´s domain adress. Keeping this in mind, it felt like a good idea to create a walk through on how to install Pat´s programme on this address.

Walk through to create a clickable map »

Pat Flynn´s map programme

mapWhy use Pat´s programme then? Well, this is very useful for travel guides, websites with country facts, buy and sell portals or – just for fun! You could go the long and hard way by learning how to create your very own clickable map with degrees and coordinates – but luckily for us Pat Flynn has already made this job and not to mention for free.

Why did Pat create this programme then? According to himself he created this compatible HTML5 tool because he paid a developer a ridiculous amount of money to build him the same from scratch. Therefore he wanted to provide something for everyone to use free of charge.

What is in it for Pat then you might ask? Well, after you edit your map, click on “Generate Map Script” to retrieve the HTML code that you can copy and paste on your website. You also, though, do have the option of paying a small fee. This fee will give you the possibility to return and edit your creation later. But, as we mentioned earlier, if you like you can skip this part and just get the code for free. Then you will miss out on the opportunity of the editing later, though.

On the following pages we will continue the walk through concerning creating your own clickable map. So please feel free to use this excellent tool courtesy of Pat Flynn.