Maps – First and second step

Maps – Step 2.

Once you reach the you will notice that you are able to begin creating your own clickable maps right away.

First of all, you will get to choose which map you would like to use. On the first page of the website you have the following options: Australia, Canada, Continents, Europe, Mexico, UK, UK2, USA+territories, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Latin America, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden. In this step-by-step walk through the map of USA will be used.


step two-maps


You have got these settings to play along with:


Type in the height and width of your clickable map in pixels. You are not able to choose the size to make the maps look skewed or like a “fish eye”. It will automatically change the size value to make it look proportionately which is a good thing.


Choose the text-style (font) that you would like to use on your map. This font will be used on the clickable areas of the map and the choosable text on top of the map.

All states colour:

This is where you choose your map colour. You have got a nice, gradient tool to play with to find your perfect colour. If you already know the hexcode of your favourite colour then you are also able to use the code here.

States hover colour:

States hover colour is where you choose a different colour (optional) which will be displayed when you do a mouse-over on any state. It is a mouse-over function that changes the colours of the clickable areas.

Background colour:

The background colour option is the colour that surrounds the map. You will not get a map with invisible/empty areas surrounding it, so if you want the map to blend in on your website then choose the same background colour.

Label colour:

Label colour is the colour of the labels on top of the clickable areas.

Outside label colour:

Outside label colour is the colour of the labels positioned outside the map or states, like Hawaii or New Jersey.

Hover label colour:

The hover label colour means that the label will change colour when you do a mouse-over on the clickable area of the map.


This is where you can choose the style of your borders. You can choose solid or dashed – or no borders at all!

Border colour:

Choose the colour for your solid or dashed borders.

Show HTML Links:

This will create a list with HTML links of every state/object that is clickable on the map.


step two-maps2


Links Open New Window:

This will make the map open its clickable links in a new window. Perfect if you are creating a portal or directory with recommended links.

Show link titles:

This option displays your custom title for each state below the map when you hover a clickable area. To make this work, click on a state while creating it, and fill in the “title” and a link (optional). Press the “X” in the corner and it will save your data to the map.

Call to action:

Finally, the call to action field is where you type your text which will be displayed above the map. This is also optional – leave it empty if you like!


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